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Frank Cassisa is one of the most knowledgeable Golf Conditioning Specialists I know. I recommend Frank to all my clients that want to become a more serious golfer.
Mike Richards, Owner/Director of Instruction, Mike Richards Golf Academy, 2011 Teacher of the Year - Southern Chapter, US Kids Top 50 Instructor 2011, 2010, 2009
All4One Fitness is no regular gym and Rick Gamache is no ordinary trainer. I have been training with Rick for 3.5 years now. He personalizes each session so his clients get the maximum benefit out of every workout. After sustaining a knee injury after a fall I was extremely limited to what I could do physically and did not want to undergo surgery. Rick helped me rehab my knee on my own and now I am lifting more weight, building more core and squating weight than ever before. He is an exceptional trainer who takes his client's needs very personal. He is the "Best".
Jeannie D.
All4One Fitness is a trainers gym that caters to their client's individuals needs. Rick Gamache has trained me 3 times a week for the last 18 months. He caters my workout sessions to my needs, goals, and limitations. I treasure my workout sessions. I feel stronger,firmer, and more balanced because of the personal training. Rick motivates me to eat a balanced whole food diet that will help me loose weight as well as keep me healthy. My time at All4One Fitness is my treasured, golden hour worth every penny.
Miss Laurel
Functional training with Frank has helped to keep me in shape and maintain an active and comfortable lifestyle. After two back surgeries, I needed to develop my core and increase flexibility. Frank is very knowledgeable and knows how to challenge me without going too far and risking injury. Personal training is far cheaper than physical therapy, and provides ongoing direction that a therapist cannot provide. In addition, Frank can help with diet and nutritional guidance if needed. Many people might be intimidated by the concept of a personal trainer, or think that it’s too expensive, but my advice is to ‘just do it’.
I have worked with a variety of personal trainers over the past 12 years and I firmly believe that Frank is the best one I have worked with and the one who has helped me the most. My golf coach referred me to Frank for specific training to strengthen my golf game but training with him has improved so much more than that. Frank has improved everything from my golf game to my physical appearance and even my emotional well-being. In addition to his solid background and experience in weight training, Frank uses his training in the field of general health to help me get the most out of out training.
Linda E.
My husband and I have been training with Frank three times a week for five+ years. Although our objectives may be very different, Frank has always been keenly aware of exceeding both of our expectations on a regular basis. Over the years we have trained with Frank, we have both had various physical ailments. Frank has always “worked around” our issues such that we could continue training on a usual basis in spite of our issues. I believe this ardent attention to our needs has helped us dramatically both physically & psychologically.
Jane & Mark
Laura has been training me twice a week for an hour the past 3 months. I am extremely happy with the changes in my body and I feel great. People tell me how great I look and most importantly, I have fun while training with Laura.
Sue R
Laura is the BEST trainer I ever had! Laura has been my trainer for over 5 years, always caring,professionally adjusting my training needs to meet my conditions. It is a pleasure to start the day with her warm and great personality! I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for that Great Trainer.
Brenda Ben-Yoseph
I had never picked up a weight in my life and was ready for the new world of personal training. I met Laura and she made me feel like I could take on this new challenge. She pushed me and inspired me. Within a week I couldn't believe the new muscles I never new I had. Within a month I saw my body transforming. She is amazing! She really knows what's best for you and your body. I appreciate her support and knowledge. Laura has made me a stronger person inside and out! Take the challenge for yourself, you won't be disappointed. Laura is an amazing personal trainer, because with her guidance and motivation, I was able to lose 28 pounds and 11 inches in six weeks!!!! Thank you Laura!

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